The Jardines Band

2014 …

It’s been awhile since we posted here. Have been letting our twitter and facebook accounts do our talking but have gotten lots of emails from fans telling us they enjoy reading our posts here … so here we are.

Happy new year!!

We were very happy to have been part of Timmy’s telethon this year.  Thanks to all the wonderful people at the Shaw station for making us feel so loved.

Here are a few clips from the show

Someone's Stolen Tuesday -
Blame It On The Kiss -

We played a show for the Variety Club at the Point Pub with 11 other Vancouver bands.  Lots of fun and lots of
money raised for a great cause.  Ajaye was unable to do the show, so we ended up playing the songs that
I sing and Jay couldn't be there, so Ricky stood in on bass.  Here's a pic of the night.

Next show is an acoustic show at Madhouse Records, March 15th at 1 pm.

Have a great day, whatever it is you do!  Fight the good fight!

Peace and love Cherelle and Ajaye